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Ghost in the sheet is an adventure game developed by CBE
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Ghost in the sheet is an adventure game developed by CBE and published by Tri Synergy Games. As the game starts, the player meets the character that he will control. Apparently, he had an accident and died, finding himself in the afterlife limbo, and meeting a strange boss (who is not very kind to him). That's when his new pal explains the current situation: now he is part of the Ghostcatching Organization, with a very important mission: many persons cannot reach the tunnel after they die, so he will have to investigate what is going on.

Then our character is forced to wear a sheet to hold together the ghostly bits of himself, receiving a new skill - telekinesis, and as he completes his assignments he will receive new ones.

After this episode, he returns to this world in order to investigate an abandoned factory looking for clues, and to do so he returns through a pan-dimensional portal. The movement in the factory can be very frustrating, so pay attention to all the objects you see in order to find your way out.

The gameplay is not quite simple, you will use your mouse and some keys of the keyboard such as F1, F2 and so on. You will see how the shape of the cursor will change indicating that the object underneath holds some useful information. The puzzles are challenging and if you like you can skip the mini games pressing the ESC key not to be distracted from the thinking process.

The visuals of the game are awesome, and the scenarios are very well done. The ambient sounds are excellent, but the soundtrack, although nice, is repetitive. In conclusion, you will not be scared to death by this game. Instead, you will have a nice time with this ghost adventure.

María Noel Balla
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  • Interesting story
  • Great graphics
  • Incredible sound effects


  • Some levels are really difficult
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